Our company is part of a network of gas companies

Participation in international organizations

As a key partner in the LPG gas cylinder sector, we are members of several international associations

Presta Cylinders is a member of Liquid Gas Europe, an organization that brings together a large number of European stakeholders from the Liquefied Petroleum Gas sector: distributors, testers, manufacturers, etc. Liquid Gas Europe’s vocation is to encourage European decision-making bodies to acknowledge the contribution of LPG as a clean energy that helps Europe reach its environmental objectives.

Presta Cylinders is an active member of FEBUPRO NPO (ASBL in Belgium), the Butane Propane Federation, which was created in 1960 and which constitutes a significant share of the LPG market in Belgium and Luxembourg. It brings together liquefied petroleum gas distributors from Belgium and from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as businesses with LPG distribution-related activities. The purpose of the organization is to globally promote and advocate business interests in relation to liquefied petroleum gases. It has several commissions: Technical, economic, communication and Autogas.

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