Presta Cylinders, expertise at your service for over 40 years…

Original company splits into two entities (effective as of 01/01/2014).

  • Presta-Gaz S.A. – Local activities, Facility management + Cylinder filling activities
  • Presta Cylinders Sarl – international activities (reconditioning, trading)

7.5 kg BarbecueGas cylinder with Flextech collar launched.
Composite cylinder test line.

FlexTech Polypropylene collar launched
5 kg BarbecueGas cylinder launched
End of investment programme and of reconditioning line upgrade/automation, initiated in 2008.


New quality control laboratory set up and developed for performing a wide range of standard and specific tests. Voir notre plaquette d’information.

Reconditioning line upgrade

Extensive reconditioning line upgrade/automation programme launched (5-year plan). Automatic online printing unit created for printing customer logos and specific texts.

New facility

New facility built, leading to an increase in production capacity.

Repair facilities

Repair facility equipment upgraded (dent removal, fixture replacement)

Logistics warehouse and inkjet machine

Warehouse, integrating a modern management system, built for storing production fixtures.
Inkjet machine installed for marking gas cylinders with tare weight and with the date for the next compulsory periodic inspection.
First service diversification completed for the German and Swiss client base: manufacture and sale of caps, sale of valves and other gas cylinder fixtures, new metalizing facility built, filling systems upgraded.
New automated carousel commissioned for testing the mechanical resistance of cylinders. Liquid colour application discontinued: all cylinders are henceforth coated with environmentally-friendly powder colour.
Successful opening of the Dutch market. A total of 600,000 gas cylinders processed.

Powder coating

First powder coating application unit, integrating appropriate coating furnace, implemented. 1994: Prestagaz is ISO 9002-certified.

New facility

Over 300,000 cylinders reconditioned per year.
Inauguration of the assembly line for cylinders with a capacity up to 50 litres and of the new 2,500 m² production facility.
As facilities/equipment are used to their full extent, the assembly line for reconditioning large-sized cylinders is upgrades and additional production facilities/equipment for inspecting cylinders are commissioned.
Wastewater treatment plant developed to improve environmental protection.
Prestagaz’ core inspection activities are extended to recondition cylinders completely.
Inspection activity developed on the Belgian market.

Reconditioning launched

Gas cylinder inspection activity launched. First Luxembourg customers acquired.
PRESTA-GAZ S.A. established.