Trading or purchasing and selling LPG-related articles

A flourishing activity

Presta Cylinders provides you with its expertise to help you and guide you for all your business needs

Our company has developed its activities to the LPG-related product trading sector. Our extensive purchasing network enables us to sell these products at the best market conditions whilst ensuring you benefit from our company’s long-standing technical expertise.
These fast-growing transactions focus on the purchase / sale of new and second-hand cylinders, LPG valves and fixtures. For any article you may require, our sales department is on-hand to help you


Through our long experience in the LPG sector, our solid European foothold and our contacts that go beyond European borders, Presta Cylinders can work hand-in-hand with you to help you find new products and cylinders in particular.

Presta Cylinders is permanently in contact with the most prominent cylinder manufacturers and is constantly on the outlook for the best partners to ensure its customers are offered the most interesting products at the best price.

Presta Cylinders also has a stock of basic cylinders for markets, supplied for requalification. These cylinders are used for urgent customer requests.

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Do you need valves for daily use or because you have a stockout?

Presta Cylinders invites you to take advantage of its attractive purchasing conditions for all types of valves/cylinders.

Why not try us! We would be delighted to give you a quotation.


Flextech collars

This plastic collar offers many advantages over metallic collars:

  • Lighter
  • Stylish (customizable at wish, colours, pad printing, handle embossing, etc.)
  • Practical (comfortable handling)
  • And, if necessary, can be easily replaced without having to go through retesting (i.e. less costly to maintain)

In addition to these advantages, the Flextech collar is fire-resistant and complies with rigorous drop-shock standards.

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Colliers Flextech


We have developed specific products to meet the expectations of the ever-growing number of gas barbecue fans. These two new products offer the following advantage compared with metal gas cylinders:

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Practical (comfortable handling, click-on type fast valve connection and do not score terraces)

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Connector fixtures

Our purchasing network also offers a wide range of connector fixtures for LPG cylinders, such as regulators, adapters, etc.

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