Quality – Health – Safety – Security – Environment

Company ethos: Committed to respecting people and the environment

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our staff’s working conditions whilst fully respecting our environment.


Presta Cylinders is ISO 9001:2008-certified and, pursuant to this, it operates using a “process-based” approach and a continuous improvement approach.
Our key priority is, first and foremost, to ensure our customers are constantly satisfied by offering them top-quality products and services, as well as leading-edge manufacturing techniques.

Certificat ESCEM


Our company is constantly seeking ways to improve our staff’s working conditions



As Presta Cylinders is located on a SEVESO site, we must provide the highest level of safety possible so as to meet competent national authorities’ requirements and to ensure the safety of all our staff.

Substantial human and material resources are implemented to ensure work-related incidents and accidents are prevented.
We work hand-in-hand with the authorities to validate the effectiveness of our safety management system.



As is the case with any other sensitive site, our level of security must be absolutely effective and totally flawless.
Presta Cylinders has developed a secure system for accessing the site in partnership with specialized companies.
Our industrial site is placed under a video surveillance and alarm system that warns the command centre of any unauthorized access.



Environmental stewardship is another key priority.

We do our utmost by implementing appropriate waste management, using compliant products, respecting noise standards, reducing pollution, etc.

Presta Cylinders wishes to place particular attention on its environmental stewardship.